Timmy hails from southern California, land of bikini clad beach bunny's and some of Hardcores best bands this side of the left coast.
The lone west coaster in the band, Tim carries the "Guitar-God-Torch" like such great guitar heroes such as Eddie Van Halen, Michael Hampton and Carlos Santana.
Incidently , turned on to Jimi Hendrix by his father at the age of ten, Tim Knew what destiny his future hold from that moment on.
He Immediately picked up the guitar and honed his craft over the next several decades.

With such influences as Million Dead Corps, Fear and Black Flag, as well as James Brown, Funkadelic and the Mahavishnu Orchestr; he eminates a worldly diverse sound unlike any guitar player in his age group.
After playing in several bands in the early 80's in Los Angeles like the Baby Tomatoes, he moved to New York, which proved to be the catalyst for Funkface.

Where is he now??  Timmy moved back to LA and now plays with Johnny Indovena of sound of the blue heart and Savory. But will on occasion bust out back with Funkface on those special occasions. Still rocking in the west coast you could see Tim now and then. Still a big part of the FUnkface family and sound!