FUNKFACE live at the Yasgur Road Reunion AKA Woodstock

Yasgur Farms, State Route 17B & Yasgur Rd. , Cochecton, NY 12726

FUNKFACE will be rocking the Yasgur Farm reunion festival (AKA WOODSTOCK) this summer. Get ready to party because were renting a party magic bus to bring you all up. Stay tuned Tickets go on sale soon


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If you missed it on cable. Check out FUNKFACE, storytellers style on BSides! Brics underground music show.

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FUNKFACE now on ITunes!

If you have ITUNES, You can now download and preview the Album Your Politics Sucks and our previous releases on Itunes.  Go and check them out and download the albums!  Tell us what's your favorite songs!

New Recordings and Record release 

 Funkface is currently finishing up in the studio coming out with some fresh new tunes! look out for them.  Also we will be prepping up for some shows this fall for a record release of these new fresh tracks!  Record release will be sometime around December! Check back for dates!

Happy Funkface Day  

Back in summer of '88 FUNKFACE was formed. We didn't know the exact date but it was beginning of Summer.  So it is fair to say... it is our Birthday / Anniversary of some sorts.  We still Rocking and forever so and have been.....  Here's to the Good times and thank you to all our friends out there that are still rocking with us

About Funkface

As the great city of Gotham undergoes its many phases, only one thing remains the same... FunkFace kicks ass .No doubt one of the greatest live rock bands going, FunkFace are the nagging pain in the side of conformity, blending what you know with what you haven’t heard striving to split you in half with sonic fits of joy. So sweet and bitter at the same time .Hard driving grooves uplifting you to melodic chorus peppered with political rants hidden behind sweet come-ons screamed at the top of your lungs.

The five piece unit has been blazin the New York massive for years. Make no mistake about it, They've been around the block, in your mom's house and up the river and down many times over. Lead singer Luqman‘s vocal assault stirs the swarm while the rhythm section Frank beans (bass) 40 oz Jeff (rhythm guitar ) and Ramsey Jones (drums) stagger the senses. Leaving Tim Grove (lead guitar) to ignite the hive into heated frenzy. Hard rock will never be the same; this bands sound has remnants of a punk age, hard rock with a little twist of hip hop, soul and ska. The ultimate fuse, total groove rock. Many have referred to as Soul Core.

Mentioned in Fader magazine and in the Vibe, as the hardest hitting band in the world also featured in the documentary Afro Punk, as leaders of the black rock scene. Plus they are well know around the world as true stage destroyers ask any stage hand or concert carpenters. Still the band genre bending skills are evident in their multicultural look. All the different experience leads to many sounds that become one. FunkFace is posed for the attack and no one will be spared.

FunkFace latest record has all the hard rock you could want, but the addition of a few slow rock ballad open up the band to an area never explored. Still they have created a large symphonic sound a slight throw back to bands like the Verve.

FunkFace have toured and played with many bands like the Distillers, Rage against the Machine, ApolloHeights, Bad Brains, Tribe called Quest, Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Murphy's Law, Fishbone, Peaches, Tv on the Radio, Mike Ladd, and many, many more. Still the best way to experience this poliomyelitis is to shed your fears and succumb to the raging wave that is FunkFace.